Want to be a ‘Zookeeper for a Day’?

Have you ever wanted to be a Zookeeper and to get close to the animals and inter-act with them as a zookeeper does? 

We offer a day long zookeeper experience when you may follow a keeper as they look after the animals.  You may enter the enclosures the same as a keeper.  You may choose which animals you look after and have the same amount of contact as the keeper does, depending on the animals you choose and having due regard to your safety.

The zookeeper experience is from 10.30 to 3.30 with an hour off for lunch.

The price is £80.00 per child and £120.00 for an adult.  A child under twelve years old must be accompanied by an adult, the accompanying adult will not enter the enclosures but will supervise their child.  The adult will be charged normal admission price.

A half day zookeeper experience, 10.30 to 12.30 is also available at half the price.

Alternatively, you may have an Interactive experience with certain animals, these include  Pygmy goats, Creepy Crawlies, Tortoises, Turtles, Reptiles,  Meerkats, and Cotton eared Marmoset monkeys.  All these species are safe to go in with or handle.  These experiences are £20.00 per person, they last for about 10-15 minutes.  If you wish, you can even help feed the Leopard or Caiman.

Contact us to make a booking.