You will find us in Borth, West Wales on the Cardigan Bay coast just north of Aberystwyth.

Opening Times

We are open daily, all year round.   10.00 – 6.00 April – October

                                                         11.00 – 4.00 November – end March 

Disabled Access

We are very disabled friendly with level concrete paths to all exhibits, or gentle wooden slopes. There is a Disabled toilet, and no stairs within the Zoo boundary.   Wheelchairs and pushchairs can get to all parts, and there is a Wheelchair for loan.


The Animalarium is situated just outside the pretty seaside town of Borth, near Aberystwyth in mid Wales.

There is an excellent bus service from the surrounding towns to Borth and the Animalarium.  Borth has its own  Railway station only a short walk away from the Animalarium. We have a FREE car park. Click here for map.

We home unwanted exotic Pets

Many of our animals are unwanted pets, as exotic animals may be purchased impulsively as pets and then grow too large or too dangerous to keep.  The owner may have a change of circumstance, such as leaving home, go to University, get married, become ill, get divorced, etc.

Parrots, tortoises and Iguana are very long lived, some snakes grow very quickly, Terrapins outgrow their tanks etc. Even our Ocelot and Leopard were pets that got too dangerous.


Many animals living in wild conditions find their existence threatened by habitat destruction as an increasing human population puts pressure on natural resources.  Forest and jungles are cleared, the timber is used and the land farmed or becomes desert.  Wild animals are hunted for food (bushmeat is even served in restaurants) or captured for the pet trade or captive breeding.  We support conservation projects and collect for the Chinko project, which sustainabley conserves a nature reserve in the heart of Central Africa. We also are supporting the breeding of endangered animals (birds) in order to support the wild populations. We have successfully bred Grey breasted Conures, a very endnagered bird and have 5 chicks in July 2015.

Washing Hands

Signs are displayed around the zoo reccommending that you wash your hands after feeding or petting animals. All animals may carry bacteria to which you may not be immune, especially if you are particularly vulnerable. Wash basins are supplied at strategic positions around the zoo.

Particularly vulnerable people include the very old, the very young, the sick, and those people who do not normally have contact with animals e.g. no pets at home.

Hand sanitizers are available by the pony rides, reptile house and petting barn. It is also very important to wash your hands before touching snakes as they are vulnerable to bacteria carried on human hands. Also before animal interactions.

Zoo Licence and Insurance

We have a current zoo licence and are inspected by the zoo inspectors, including a Veterinary inspector appointed by the Secretary of State and by the local County Council inspectors. Our last inspection was on 17th November 2014. The licence remains in force for 6 years. We also have a pet shop license as we are able to sell pet Rabbits, Guinea Pigs etc. and we are also inspected for that by the local council.  

We have public liability and employers liability insurance.