There are lots of things to do and see every day!

Birthday Parties – £10.00/child

Why not have your child’s birthday party here at the zoo?

Includes: Entrance to the zoo, a meal off the “Children’s Menu” plus a drink, ice cream and a badge. A reptile encounter, bunny grooming or pony grooming is also included. Pony rides and/or face painting can be arranged at extra charge.

Reptile Show – Free

In the summer, the Shows will  be at 12.00 and 3.00 daily. In the winter we have ‘Reptile Encounter’ by request.

This is an opportunity to touch, stroke or hold a lizard and snake. There is a brief talk on the senses and behaviour of snakes, with a snake as an example, and a lizard as comparison. Then the public get a chance of a close encounter, the snakes are usually small corn snakes, a royal python and a  large Burmese python. All of these species are known for their gentle and placid temperament. We have no venomous snakes.  The lizards are usually a Bearded dragon and a Plated lizard.  Sometimes the Show will include another animal.

School parties and groups may, if required, have a more ‘in depth’ talk and demonstration, and may include other reptile species such as Monitor, Bearded Dragon and Green Iguana.

Pony Ride – £2.00/ride

Pony rides are from 1-2 o’clock daily in the summer only (Easter till September) 

We use small ponies who are very quiet to ride and can carry children up to eight stone. The small ponies are Shetland, a very strong  miniature breed, who can carry children and babies. The ponies are quiet and steady. They wear Western type saddles, and the rider may hold on to the pommel and is led by the bridle. The rider has no control over the pony and must wear a safety hat (supplied in various sizes, and fitted before the ride commences). The ride is around the top paddock, and lasts about three minutes.  The rides are £2.00 each.  There may also be a pony grooming opportunity if the weather is too wet for riding.  This is free, but shoes must be worn, not sandals.

Cat Feeding – FREE

Cat feeding includes feeding all the meat eaters, such as the African Leopard, the Ocelot, the European Lynx, the Civets, the Meerkats, the ferrets and the Owls.  The Leopard may be asked to run up a pole.  He loves to do this as he is a real show off, it is also good exercise for him.

This meat feeding is at 4.00 daily, except on Friday when the big cats such as the Leopard, the adult Lynx and the Ocelot get a starvation day.  This is necessary for their health and wellbeing.  On Fridays the Civets, the young Lynx, the Meerkats and the Owls are still fed.

If you would like to feed the Leopard yourself, you may, for a charge.

Be aware that the animals are fed raw meat and this may include beef, lamb, chicken, rats, mice and chicks.  These are all bought in frozen.

Crocodile and Caiman Feeding – FREE, four days a week

There are two groups of caiman, the breeding pair in the Barn by the Fruit Bats, and the group of young males, and the single female in the Croc house.

Each crocodilian is fed twice a week so there are feeding sessions a total of four times a week.  Be on time because these animals are FAST.

Feeding Pots – £1.00

Feeding pots are available to purchase in the reception area at £1.00p each. They consist of a plastic tumbler containing cut up carrot,  cabbage, and  grapes, with other veg and salad as available.

They may be fed to rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, sheep, parrots, tortoises, meerkats, chickens, rats, wallabies and ponies.

Do not put your fingers through the wire unless you are offering food.

Bunny Grooming – FREE

You may groom the rabbits by brushing them with a baby’s hairbrush.  The rabbits are very tame and enjoy the grooming very much.  The grooming sessions are at 2.00.

However, do not pick up the rabbits.

Inter-act with Meerkats, charged

If you wish, you can enter the Meerkat enclosure and feed them on their ‘mountain’.

The Meerkats appreciate a visit and a picnic, you will be accompanied by an experienced keeper.                     Shoes, not sandals, are required.

The Meerkat inter-action is £20.00 per person, please book at Reception, and agree a time.

Party with the Cotton-eared Marmosets, charged.

If you would like to get close with these little monkeys you may enter their enclosure, and feed them.  You will be accompanied by an experienced keeper.   The monkeys are full of curiosity and enjoy the visit as much as you do.

The charge for this visit is £20.00 per person, please book at Reception, and agree a time..

Feed the Leopard, charged.

If you like a thrill, you may enter the Leopard porch and feed him through a slot in the door.  You will be accompanied by an experienced keeper.

The charge for feeding the Leopard is £20.00 per person.  Please book at Reception.                                            The time of feeding is 4 o’clock, except Fridays.

Inter-act with the giant tortoises and turtles

The African spurred tortoises are the largest African species.  You may stroke or bath them, and/or interact and feed the turtles, who are in the croc house. You will be supervised by an experienced keeper.  £20.00 per person.