New Ponies

A twelve year old black Shetland pony mare has been donated to the Animalarium by a friend of a member of staff.  The pony’s name is Serena and we call her Rene for short.  She is sweet tempered and will be used for pony rides when she has watched Buddy for a while and sees what to do.

The owners also have a young Welsh cob and when he was a colt he covered this little mare and she produced a filly foal.  When the foal was born she was as tall as the mother, her legs were so long!  She is now three years old and is sweet natured like her mother.  She will just watch and learn.  We are handling her, she can walk on a lead and is learning ‘Walk on’ and ‘Halt’ and ‘Stand’.  She is black also but her name is ‘Summer’.

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